Everything you need to know about our cards!


We have carefully selected the most useful sizes to meet the needs of our creatives, each product is available in some of these sizes, the most functional for the type of paper and packaging method for shipping.

70 X 100 CM

Large sheets in box covering substance , shipped rolled.
These sheets retain the original selvedge.

72 X 50 CM

The largest format for thick cardboard and cardboard, which is therefore shipped flat.
Perfect as a basic structure for creative work.

C3 / 32.4 X 45.8 CM

Useful size for use with the Cricut , it allows you to obtain rather large products, with minimal waste.

C4 / 22.9 X 32.4 CM

Useful size to be worked with the Cricut , it allows you to obtain small products, with minimal waste.

15 X 15 CM

The classic origami size, enclosed in a resealable bag. A very comfortable size for experimenting and making small objects.

A4 / 21 X 29.7 CM

Classic UNI format, compatible with all printers and useful for creating internal album pages . We chose it for our papers and thin cardboard in neutral shades.

What can you do with our cards?

A collection of techniques and ideas for making the best use of our products.


Looking for creative papers to cover albums or boxes ? Our box covering papers are available in many amazing colors and textures.

box covering papers


To create dies and internal pages of scrapbooking albums, the ideal weight is between 150gms and 250gsm, our thin cardboard are available in unique finishes and textures, waiting to be discovered!



To create envelopes we recommend 120-180gsm papers, which is all our creative papers. To make cards, however, we recommend the highest weights , from 240gsm upwards. Have fun!

Our thin cardboard


We have selected two self-adhesive papers , perfect for gluing our papers. One is white, the other black, they are suitable for being glued flat on our papers, for perfect covering, or to replace double-sided tape when it is useful to have special dimensions.



The world of origami is vast and super creative, which is why we created the 15 x 15 cm card kits. Since our papers have different textures and weights, we recommend experimenting and finding the papers that best suit your project.

cards 15x15 cm


Our papers are suitable for use with the Cricut. Specially, we have introduced the C3 and C4 formats to optimize sheet dinensions on this precious instrument.