Creating sustainable beauty

Our choices go in the direction of reducing, year after year, the environmental impact of production: less water and energy consumption, less Co2 emissions, less waste.

Made in Italy

The path we intend to follow is that of creating timeless beauty, obtained through innovation and the elements of the Made in Italy tradition. For the processes that we do not do, we are committed to selecting partners in our territory, so as to always supply Italian products.

Respecting people

The quality of our products reflects the passion and commitment of our collaborators. We give priority to a quality work environment and respect for rights. The award for the highest score in the Workplace Condition Assessment confirms our commitment.

We offer welfare proposals to all employees, enhancing skills and individuality, obtaining gender equality recognized by the "Golden Apple" award of the Bellisario Foundation.

WATER Management

Our patinas are water based. During the manufacturing process, therefore, there is no evaporation and dispersion of solvents. Our papers are dried with hot air.

We recycle the water from the manufacturing process and to reduce the amount of drinking water used in our production process, we purify the waste water by distilling it to be able to use it again during processing instead of throwing it away.

WASTE reduction

Thanks to the recycling of processing waste, the reduction of packaging waste, the collaboration with suppliers and the use of 100% recyclable and single-material packaging for samples, we reduce waste and waste in our production process as much as possible.


Since 2010 we have installed photovoltaic panels on the company's roofs, with further investments in 2012 and 2022. Currently, 61% of the plant's energy needs are covered by our photovoltaic system.

Zero impact shipping

We work with Shopify to reduce shipping impacts through carbon removal credits, supporting projects like Grassroots Carbon , which improves land management to capture more carbon, and Mast Reforestation , which regenerates forests lost to fires.