Carta decorativa

Decorative paper

Create with sartorial papers capable of transmitting unique visual and tactile sensations. Available in various formats, colors, and textures to shape your inspiration.

Buste e Biglietti

Envelopes and Greeting Cards

Deliver and inscription or greeting with sophisticated envelopes and cards that combine papers with different finishes and effects in original and surprising ways.



Gather your thoughts and ideas in Manamant notebooks. Choose between the many covers to touch and admire to best reflect your personality. 

Tag e Sticker

Tag and Stikers

Unleash your imagination with stickers and tags in different shapes and sizes, with which you can personalize your Manamant objects and make them unique.

The Edit - Dandy

The Edit - Dandy

Red velvet, pink linen, and metallic aubergine for a sophisticated, eccentric, and nonconformist collection that evokes retro atmospheres by playing with an intriguing mix of colors and haptic textures.
The Edit - Edge

The Edit - Edge

Electric blue animal print, copper, and terracotta for a bold and balanced collection that plays on the compatibility and contrast of colors and textures in keeping with the quest for a state-of-the-art aesthetic.
The Edit - Sunny

The Edit - Sunny

White, gold, and natural brown for a fresh and bright collection with a 100% green core that speaks to us of lightness and respect for the environment in a contemporary language free from stereotypes.
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