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The hands are the antennas of the soul
by Elena borghi

Tell us how this work was born, how you selected the Manamant papers to create it and how the papers themselves influenced the work.

This work arises from a theme of absolute interest to me, which I express through paper, drawing and writing: the hands as a healing tool.

In an era where doing with the hands is increasingly delegated to machines, I feel the need to communicate how hands should be celebrated as healers, with their work, also of psychological well-being.

Hands that create, that sew, that cut, that cook, that play, that sink into the earth, hands that know and that do. Moving them means sending messages of care to the deepest part of the ego.

If you could tell yourself, in two lines, as a paper artist, what words would you choose.

That I am a woman whose teaching has yet to unfold and that I continue to search, with infinite devotion and curiosity, through the wonderful instrument, albeit poor in its nature, which is paper. It teaches me every day how it is possible to give concrete shape to one's visions. A very useful teaching also in daily life on Earth.

Give us your phrase on Manamant cards

Manamant cards are voluptuous in the hands, shaping them gives unexpected pleasures, listening to their intimate voice makes you discover something new about yourself too.


Cards chosen by Elena:
100% recycled green linen, silky gold glazed paper , 100% recycled pink linen ,blue velvet and many others.



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