Carta Manamant cucita


B Corp
We are a B Corp®, part of a group of enterprises that make a solid contribution to protect the envi-ronment and foster the social development of the planet.


For the planet
Our choices are directed at reducing the environmental impact of our production from year to year: less water and energy used, less CO2 emissions, less waste.As part of this journey, we are proud to present the Minima collection of 100% recycled papers. Their beauty, created by subtraction, saving water and energy, and emitting less CO2, makes them unique from an aesthetic and ecological point of view.


Respecting people

The quality of our products embodies the passion and commitment of all our collaborators. We be-lieve that a focus on the quality of the working environment and on everybody’s rights must be a priority. Receiving the Workplace Condition Assessment (WCA) Achievement Award (the maximum score in the assessment of internationally recognized indicators for the quality of work, safety, and corporate sustainability) tells us that we are on the right track.

Our welfare proposals are targeted to all employees without distinction. Only by nurturing the skills and individuality of each collaborator can we truly achieve the gender equality that was recognized by the Bellisario Foundation with the “Golden Apple” award.


Made in Italy
The road we intend to travel is that of creating timeless beauty through innovation and elements of the Italian manufacturing tradition. We are committed to selecting partners from our territory and Manamant products are 100% Italian.